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Lobo Browser 0.98.4 Released

Posted by lobochief on January 19, 2009

We’re pleased to announce the release of version 0.98.4 of our all-Java web browser: Lobo. The main purpose of this release is to update Lobo’s support of  direct rendering of JavaFX source code, such that it is up to date with JavaFX 1.0.

In the updated default home page for the browser, you will find a new managed-store-demoJavaFX example. I’m posting a screenshot to your right. It’s not a very complicated example, and it is there simply to illustrate some JavaFX and Lobo features. JavaFX code in Lobo has access to the Lobo platform API. The example shows how you can use the managed stores feature of Lobo to securely persist the position of an internal draggable window in a client-side file, as well as the URL of a mini-browser (a scaled Lobo browser frame really) contained within the internal window.

We don’t currently hava a JavaFX-based API for Lobo, only a Java-based one. But we obviously intend to build one in the future.

If you use the example enough, you’ll encounter a couple obvious JavaFX bugs. I have already reproduced the issues outside of Lobo and reported them.

Additionally, we implemented a frequently requested feature: The ability to obtain the document object in a FramePanel or BrowserPanel. Lobo abstracts away the rendering engine, so the document object depends on the content being rendered and the plugin that handles the content.  Look for the getContentObject() method. Also take a look at the new vetoable navigation listeners feature. Navigation events provide the link element if navigation results from a click.

We also managed to squeeze in a few improvements to our pure Java HTML rendering engine and parser: Cobra. Parent (>) and sibling (+) selectors have been implemented. Margin collapsing was implemented as well. It is now possible to control the body margin and overflow settings. Finally, there was a significant refactoring of the layout engine, including a major performance optimization.

Several patches submitted by users of Cobra and Lobo were applied to this version, probably more so than in any prior version. We appreciate these contributions. Please keep them coming. It’s easy to set up a workspace to run Lobo from source and submit patches, particularly if you’re using an IDE like Eclipse.

Please see the changelog for additional details.


7 Responses to “Lobo Browser 0.98.4 Released”

  1. […] Browser 0.98.4 has been announced. The major news of this release is that it updates Lobo’s support of direct rendering of JavaFX […]

  2. You’re all insane. I love it. HTML needs to die – it was never intended for what we’re all doing with it. It’s for adding context to textual documents, not for adding presentation! Prove JavaFX or something else is better!

  3. Yury Bogoslavets said

    Can use Lobo for print html pages (with java.awt.print.PrinterJob) ?

  4. Serapis said

    I have the same question of Yury , and please I need an answer urgently ,
    can I use lobo for printing HTML pages with the java printing API ?
    Thanks so much,

  5. […] @msacks makes reference to the Lobo browser, which is all-Java and uses a rendering engine called Cobra. […]

  6. lobochief said

    The print() method of FramePanel should work to some extent, but maybe not the way you want. It probably requires some code changes to print the whole page.

    This might be more doable in Cobra, with HtmlPanel, or directly with RBlock. You’d need to have the root block not add scrollbars, though.

  7. Fellow Lobo aficionados,

    The B.C. (Blasphemous Creation) “Shadows of Evil” download page is not really *my* website, but it’s definitely a test bench for things I’m working on Web-wise. As you can see, the page features the Lossless Web Player which I built borrowing heavily from revolunet’s JavaScript VLC Web player project. I really dig Lobo, but I wouldn’t know where to begin coding a Lobo version to run my Lossless Web Player. Any of you Lobos out there have tips or suggestions to give me as to how best to get Lobo to recognize and run the engine of the Lossless Web Player, the JavaScript-based file <a href="http://www.archive.org/download/b.c.2008-03-09.flac16/advanced.htmladvanced.html?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Rick Wilson,
    Reno, Nevada

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